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Prevention Network Agency was established in 2003 with the main objective to network with local and statewide agencies and organizations to help maximize the effectiveness of our efforts to prevent teen age crime, drug and alcohol abuse, violent behavior and teen pregnancy. Prevention Network Agency is working with other agencies to establish nation wide mentoring programs that practice desirable, evidence base mentoring model, educating both parents and youth.

Prevention Network Agency offers teens group and one-on-one mentoring services where mentor is joined with mentee to develop a strong, safe, trustworthy place to get accurate answers to their concerns as well as encourage them strive to reach their higher goals. Prevention Network programs help young people understand the risk of practicing at-risk behavior, so they can make the best choice, regardless of the ones they’ve made in the past.

It's Time to Offer a Better Alternative

Prevention Network Agency offers positive assistance through partnering with other State mentoring organization to train, enlarge, enhance and promote team building organization practices. Teens receive mentors to help them make better personal discussions, practical resources and grassroots outreach. These efforts are all designed to help teens become more comfortable, confident and committed to become a community leaders. We work to give young people a chance to pursue their full potential without being bogged down by the physical, emotional and mental entanglement of guilt and regret. Our youth need mentors to believe in them, inspire them, guide them and challenge them! Teens are capable of so much when we as a community sup0port them with the information, direction and love they need.

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